Accused Of Speeding

Firstly, if you are accused of speeding and you know you are guilty, then just accept it and plead guilty. If this could lead to you getting a driving ban (see Speeds vs. Fines) then we would strongly recommend that you seek legal advice. Even if pleading guilty, good legal representation can help avoid a ban.

We have a new page to give advice on how you may avoid your speeding penalty click here.

If your case is complex or we think you will need expert help then we may put you in touch with the motoring solicitor that we recommend. Over the last 20 years we have had feedback from thousands of people accused of motoring issues and one solicitor continually gets the highest praise and we would recommend them – we consider them to be the UK’s best. Check out the success rates on their website. You can contact them directly


If you are not guilty, then we suggest you have a read about the Police Gadgets – to see which one got you (it may say on any paperwork you receive). Then have a look through the How they Work section to understand what they do and finally review The Law/Operating Rules governing their usage.