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This web site was founded over 15 years ago to help people with legal motoring issues. Over the years we have had millions of visitors and have seen every type of offense thousands of times over. Accordingly we are well positioned to provide real world advice.

We can give you advice to help you avoid points, fines and bans.Email me the following information and I will try and help.
I can tell you what penalty you can expect and what options you may have to avoid it.
Just copy and paste the questions below into your email and put the answers alongside and
send it to me.

If your case is complex or we think you will need expert help then we may put you in touch with the motoring solicitor that we recommend. Over the last 20 years we have had feedback from thousands of people accused of motoring issues and one solicitor continually gets the highest praise and we would recommend them – we consider them to be the UK’s best. Check out the success rates on their website. You can contact them directly –


My email is here.

What offense are you accused of:
Have you received a Notice of Intended Prosecution – also known as a NIP: Y/N
Have you received a summons to go to Court: Y/N
Have you had a Full License for more than 2 Years: Y/N
Your Name:
Your Telephone number, (sometimes its just easier/quicker if I call you to disscuss it):
If Speeding related what was limit & what speed are you accused of?
Existing Points on License:
Any other information about alleged offense:
You need to answer the questions so that I can help. Just emailing me “doing 78 what can I expect” does not give me enough info to help you. The above information is the minimum I need to help.

My email is here.
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