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Welcome to The Speed Trap Bible

This site was founded over 15 years ago to provide information to British drivers on Speeding issues. It is the longest established and the pre-eminent site of its kind on the Web, receiving over 1 million hits from UK motorists per month. With over 2 million UK motorists accused of speeding last year & 6,500+ speed camera’s on UK roads we trust that you will find the site useful.

We have been testing in car video systems – you can see the latest review here

We have a new page to give advice on how you may avoid your speeding penalty click here.

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Dont Get Caught Speeding Again
Dont get any more points get a Speed Trap detector. You can get a basic one for less than the lowest speeding fine that beeps and warns you in advance or a more advanced one that has a colour screen and gives you more info for more money. Either way Buy one of them and dont get caught again. They are all highly rated and work very well and are completely legal.
This one is very simple and works well.