Can you get a new car during 2021 lockdown?

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Covid-19 has been full of uncertainty and still continues to be an ongoing worldwide pandemic. It is a difficult and challenging time for many, but many people still require a car to get around! Whether you’re a key worker, delivery driver or looking after the vulnerable, whatever your reason for needing a new car, you may be unsure if you can actually get one at the moment. In 2021, the UK went into another national lockdown, making it the third lockdown in the UK since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The rules and regulations are changing frequently, and it can be hard to keep up with what you can and can’t do. This time round, more businesses can remain open, unlike the first lockdown and more people are being encouraged to work from home. You should be aware of the rules depending on how you want to purchase your car too. The rule are different for some parts of the UK so you should check your local government website for the most up to date guidance before you start looking for your next car.

Buying a car with cash or personal loan

If you are looking to buy a car with cash, or a personal loan for a private sale then there is a few things you should be aware of. A private sell is an option for you but make sure you are not breaking any covid-19 rules whilst doing so, for example we are currently encouraged to stay at home and if you are traveling then you should stay local, you should not drive down the country to pick up a car as you may be stopped and fined. You can ask a private seller for live videos, photos and other pieces of documentation before your purchase. You should also ask them to properly clean and sanitise touchpoints in the vehicle before you get in. You should also keep 2 metre apart at all time if meeting a seller to reduce the spread of COVID-19. If possible, any transferring of funds should be done online trough bank transfers rather than physical cash.

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Buying a car on finance

There are a number of ways in which you can buy a car on finance during covid-19. In January 2021, car showrooms were forced to close from the public, but employees can work from home where possible. Car finance brokers can also remain operating in a safe manner too. This can be really beneficial as you can apply online with no contact from the comfort of you own home!

You can contact a dealership via their website or call them up and you can also apply online with a car finance broker who will match you up with the most suitable lender and sort your finance for you! Sorting you finance and choosing a car remotely is a really easy process! Many dealerships and car finance brokers can offer a range of finance such as bad credit car loans, hire purchase car finance, Personal Contract Purchase, no deposit car finance, car finance without a guarantor and Contract Hire too.

How can I collect a car during lockdown?

Once you have sorted your finance, you can then choose a car from any UK dealership which is verified by the FCA. You can request videos and photos from the dealership before you pick up your car. At the moment, car dealerships can offer contact free click and collect and also contactless delivery for vehicles. It is advised against test drives at the current time. You can arrange with your chosen dealer if you want to click and collect or have delivery. When looking for a dealership, we recommend that you abide by the local government guidelines and find a dealership which is local to you. All vehicles will be cleaned, and sanitised and vehicle handover will be in line with the government social distancing and covid-19 guidelines.