Thankyou for your interest in The Speed Trap Bible. If you are looking to target UK motorists that are concerned about speeding then The Speed Trap Bible is the most focused source of prospective clients that exist. The site is receiving over 1.6 million hits per month, equivalent to over 53,000 per day – with 95% of them being UK Motorists. It also has an active subscriber list with over 3,300 members. Email us on [email protected] with any advertising questions.

Profile of the Site.
The site was founded over five years ago to provide information to British drivers on “Speeding” issues. Over the years it has grown to be the preeminent site of its kind and the longest established. Accordingly it is very well known with significant referral by word of mouth and via UK motoring E groups. As it is so well known it is often featured in the motoring and general press, both printed and broadcast. In recent months this has included:

9 TV interviews
7 radio interviews and numerous printed articles
Bike Magazine June/July editions
ITV SoapBox TV broadcast
Interviews on BBC Radio
Interviews on regional radio stations
Carlton TV interview on its “Motorway” program
Reviewed on ITV’s Web Review – and accordingly Site of the Week
Front page of the Independant newspaper
Virgin Radio – talked about the site at length, during the Breakfast show.
Meridian TV’s CyberCafe program
Car Magazine
Redline Magazine
Revs Magazine, serialized the site over number of months
BBC Top Gear Magazine. We jointly authored a major article about speeding.
Autocar. “Web Site of the Week” and rated 5 stars
Fast Ford Magazine – a third of a page article about it
Performance Bikes, with a jointly authored multipage article
Motor Cycle News (the UK No.1 Motor Cycle publication)
Site of the Week at
It has been featured in many other motoring magazines and daily papers