FAQ – Failing to Stop or Report An Accident

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The only person wounded was my traveler. Do I still have to report and/or stop?

Yes you do. The guidelines are precisely the same for guests of your vehicle as they are for individuals in other lorries or pedestrians. If there is no damages to any type of various other vehicle/property and no injury to any person else then the only person who you would certainly need to provide your details to is your guest.

I was the only one injured. What do I have to do?

If the only point that took place was injury to you then there is no demand to quit or report. If any to the various other things (damages or injury) after that you quit as well as report as typical.

Do I have to report every crash to the police?

Given you quit and give your details to the various other vehicle driver, anybody that was wounded as well as the owner of any kind of property/animals that were harmed there is no need to call the cops at all with one exemption. In that situation you must report the accident to the police as well as reveal them your insurance coverage certification.

The mishap was not my mistake. Do I still need to stop?

Yes. Once a crash happens entailing your vehicle you have to quit. It makes no distinction whose mistake it was.

Your obligations

What do I have to do if I have a crash?

If you are driving a lorry that is involved in a mishap and any of these points happen:

  • Injury to any person
  • Damage to an additional vehicle
  • Damage to an animal that is not in your automobile (or trailer).
  • Damages to residential property.

You have to quit and also give these details to any individual who reasonably asks for them.

  • Your name.
  • Your address.
  • The name of the proprietor of the vehicle.
  • The address of the owner of the automobile.
  • The vehicle enrollment.

If it is not feasible to stop as well as give your details for an excellent factor then you need to report the crash personally to a police station or to a law enforcement officer. You need to make the report immediately and within 24 hrs at the most.

When there has actually been an injury, there is an extra need. You should give your insurance certification at the scene. If you can not then you have to report the crash to the police.

Where can I locate the legislation?

The offences of failing to report a mishap or stop are stated in the 170 Road Traffic Act 1988.

Damages to pets? Suppose I ran over an ant?

You can run over as numerous snails as you like. The law only applies to steeds, livestock, butts, burros, lamb, goats, pigs or pets. If you are a hamster or a feline, bad information.

Do I need to stop even if the crash is small?

Yes. If there is any damages or injury– also the least you need to stop.

Do I have to quit if there was no damages or injury?

You do not have to stop if there has been no damage or injury. Be careful however, if you observe damages later you should report.

If I have a mishap parking is it OK of I leave a note under the other chauffeur’s windshield wiper?

The regulation says that you must stop as well as give your details to any person who reasonably requests for them. You don’t have to wait for ever before if there is no one around. You do have to go to the cops in individual as well as report the accident.

You need to report. In method, it is very unusual for someone who leaves their details in a note to be prosecuted.

I didn’t realise that I had a mishap at the time and now I have actually found some damage on my vehicle. What should I do?

You should report the accident to the cops immediately. You should report face to face to a police headquarters or to a law enforcement officer.

I was too anxious to stop. What should I do?

If there is an authentic threat to your security that will certainly be a protection to falling short to quit after a crash. You ought to report the mishap to the authorities instantly by going to a police headquarters or speaking with a law enforcement officer. A phone call is inadequate.

I quit after a mishap yet there was nobody there to provide my information to. Have I damaged the legislation?

If there was some damages however there wasn’t anyone to give details to after that you can leave. You can leave but you must report the accident at a cops station in individual or to a cops policeman in person.

How do I report the mishap. Is it OK to report it to the authorities by telephone?

No. The regulation states that you have to report in person to a police headquarters or to a law enforcement officer.

I called the authorities and also they told me that I really did not need to report the crash. Is that OK?

The regulation states that you must report in individual– not on the telephone. If the cops have actually told you that you do not require to go to a police station then it is very not likely that you will certainly be prosecuted for failing to report.

The length of time do I need to stop for? What if no one comes?

The requirement is to stop as well as provide details to anybody that sensibly requires them. You simply need to remain for long enough for that to take place. There is no collection quantity of time. If the situation litigated they would ask whether the quantity of time that you waited sufficed to allow somebody to acquire details.

Do I have to look for the owner of the various other automobile or the owner of home that was harmed?

No there is no commitment for you to browse. After that you need to report the crash to the police, if no one is around.

Police examination

The police intend to interview me. What should I do?

Ask a lawyer. You are qualified to complimentary as well as independent legal recommendations for a police meeting. A solicitor with an agreement with the Ministry of Justice can handle the instance under the lawful aid scheme.

The authorities might want you to attend for an interview as a volunteer. That implies that you do not have to go. Be careful though. You can be detained for failing to stop or report a mishap. If you do not co-operate with a volunteer meeting there is a danger that you could be jailed to be talked to.

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I have obtained a letter from the police asking me to determine the chauffeur for falling short to stop and failing to report an accident. What should I do?

This sounds like a notification offered under section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988. You are obliged to reply to the notification and also offer the name of the chauffeur. Falling short to give information can imply 6 penalty points and a fine. See this article for more information.

The police really did not send me a notice of designated prosecution for failing to stop or falling short to report. Can I still be prosecuted?

Yes they can. If there has been an accident then the authorities do not have to send you a notification of desired prosecution.

The police sent me a notification of desired prosecution (NIP) more than 14 days after the accident. Can I still be prosecuted?

Yes they can. Usually the authorities had to send out a notification of designated prosecution (NIP) to the signed up keeper within 14 days of the event. When there has been an accident there is no requirement for them to send out an NIP at all so you can not complain if it is late.

Decision to prosecute and also alternatives.
Can I take place a driver enhancement course as opposed to litigating?

No. The authorities do not use a course as an option to a Magistrates’ Court prosecution.

Can the police provide me a dealt with fine as opposed to going to court?

No. You can not be offered a taken care of penalty for failing to stop or report an accident.

Will the authorities certainly send my situation to court?

The authorities normally ask 2 concerns prior to somebody is prosecuted:.

Exists enough proof to prosecute.
Is it in the general public passion to prosecute.
Offered that there is solid adequate evidence to sustain an instance they will normally find that it remains in the general public passion to prosecute.

Court cases

I have actually gotten a postal requisition. Do I need to go to court?

A court can deal with an instance of stopping working to report or quit in your lack. In practice most courts will adjourn the situation and order you to go to.

What is the most awful that can occur at court?

The maximum sentence for stopping working to report a mishap or quit is 6 months in prison. Magistrates have standards that they comply with and also in technique it is uncommon for a jail sentence to be enforced.

What sentence will I get for falling short to stop or failing to report a crash?

Magistrates have sentencing guidelines for failing to report a mishap or quit. The standard for falling short to report a mishap or quit is on web page 127.

Lower fault as well as minimal damage: Band B fine AND 5-6 charge factors.
Higher guilt and lesser harm or reduced fault and also greater harm: Band C fine AND 7– 8 points or think about incompetency.
Greater responsibility and higher damage: Starting factor of a high degree area order with a series of a Band C fine to 26 weeks safekeeping AND invalidate 6– 12 months or 9– 10 factors.
Variables indicating higher fault.

Offense devoted in scenarios where an ask for an example of blood, breath or urine would certainly have been made had the culprit quit.
Offense devoted by transgressor seeking to stay clear of apprehension for another offense.
Wrongdoer understood or thought that personal injury caused and/or left injured party at scene.
Giving false information.
Variables suggesting lower culpability.

All other cases.
Factors showing greater damage.

Injury created.
Substantial damages.
Variables indicating lower harm.

All other instances.
A Band B fine is typically 100% of once a week take away pay. A Band C fine is normally 150% of regular take home pay.

Will I get fine points for stopping working to quit or failing to report an accident?

Yes you will get 5-10 penalty factors relying on the severity of the case. In one of the most major situations you will certainly be disqualified from driving.

I have actually been charged with stopping working to stop, stopping working to report and negligent driving. Will I obtain factors for all 3?

No. The court will certainly make a decision which of the charges is the most major and also provide you points for that a person.

Will I go to jail for failing to quit or falling short to report a mishap?

You could most likely to prison for approximately 6 months for falling short to quit or report an accident. A jail sentence is booked for the most significant situations usually including triggering a major injury or damage.

I have actually been billed with failing to stop after a mishap. I had a mishap yet I really did not become aware. Can I be found guilty?

If you really did not know that you had a mishap then you are not guilty of falling short quit as well as you should be located not guilty.

If you find some damage on your car later, be careful though you might still required to report the mishap.

Which court will deal with my case?

All situations of stopping working to quit or report a crash are managed in the magistrates’ courts. Appeals remain in the Crown Court (and often in the High Court).

Will my case be decided by a judge?

It could be. Many cases in a magistrates’ court are heard by 2 or 3 magistrates. Occasionally instances are managed by a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) who has the very same powers as magistrates.

Can I have a court test?

No. Court tests for stopping working to report a mishap or quit are just kept in the Crown Court. Trials for failing to stop or report have to be in the magistrates’ court where there is no jury.

Do I need a legal representative at court?

It’s up to you. If you are discovered guilty, remember that the potential sentence for falling short to stop or report a mishap is serious and you will get a criminal conviction. You can represent on your own. The concepts are the exact same if you desire to locate a lawyer review this message about discovering a solicitor for a beverage driving instance.


I was convicted at court for falling short to quit or failing to report an accident. Can I appeal?

Yes you can interest the Crown Court. You have 21 days from the day of sentence to appeal. Juries will just enable an appeal after 21 days if you have a great reason.

My sentence for failing to quit or falling short to report an accident was too expensive. Can I appeal?

Yes you can attract the Crown Court. You have 21 days from the day of sentence to allure. Juries will just enable a charm after 21 days if you have an excellent factor.