How To Stay Safe When On The Road With Your Mobile

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A large number of road mishaps have been linked with the usage of the smartphone while driving. Various laws have also been enforced to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and passer-by. Irrespective of this, we use our phones for staying connected with loved ones during an emergency and even navigating an unknown road. Today we are going to share a few tips following which you can safely use the mobile phone while on the road.

  • Opt For Hands-Free Calling

Ideally, your hands should be on the wheel while driving. Your manual attention gets significantly affected if you move your hands away from the wheel for using your phone. A hands-free device such as a Bluetooth headset can be used in such scenarios. It can help you in taking the call without hampering the driving. However, you need to inform the caller that you are driving and shouldn’t prolong the conversation. In case of emergencies, it is advisable to pull over to continue with the talks.

  • Prevent Tense Conversations

Engaging in heated exchanges with the caller can make it difficult to concentrate on driving. It leads to cognitive distraction and can be extremely dangerous while driving. If you find that the conversation is slowly getting tense, then it is best to cut it short and call back after reaching your destination.

  • Ask The Passenger To Answer The Call

If the call is an extremely important one, then drivers can request their accompanying passengers to take the same. Doing this can get the message safely delivered to the driver without endangering the life of yourself and the ones around you.

  • Place Your Phone In Silent Mode

The constant notifications from social media and normal messages can be extremely hard to ignore while trying to concentrate on the road ahead. This is why it is advisable to be safe rather than sorry by placing your phone in silent mode. Doing this can also act as a savior if you are having trouble exercising adequate self-control from peeking at the notifications. You can easily answer them and return the missed calls after arriving at your destination. If the social media notifications are messing with your attention, then you can switch off the internet connection of your mobile phone. All the latest updates can be viewed properly on reaching your destination and connecting with the broadband network.

  • Use The Speed Dial Feature
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Before purchasing smartphones having no upfront cost, make sure that it has the speed dial feature so that you don’t have to manually scroll through your phone book for making a call. Numbers are set in advance on the speed dial list and simply pressing the number can connect you with the person. This can help drivers in placing the call without diverting their eyes from the road for too long.

Final Words

It is illegal to manually use your mobile phone while driving. Rather you need to possess hands-free access such as voice command, a Bluetooth headset, a windshield or dashboard mount, and built-in satellite navigation. You can particularly look for such features before purchasing your next smartphone at discounted deals. The positioning of the device should be such that it doesn’t block your view of the traffic and road ahead. Drivers are expected to be in complete control of the vehicle and the police can prosecute you on sensing distracted driving. This law is applicable even if you are supervising a learner driver, queuing in traffic, or have stopped at traffic lights. A hand-held phone is permissible to be used only if you are in an emergency or have safely parked the car somewhere.