Letter of Mitigation for Speeding

This post shows you how to create a letter of mitigation for a speeding case. When to send out and when not to send out a reduction letter as well as includes a detailed guide to composing the paper, it tells you what a letter of reduction ought to accomplish:

Letter of mitigation for speeding

What is a letter of mitigation?

A letter of mitigation is a record that an accused in a criminal case composes to the court. The objective of mitigation is to convince the court to pass the most lax sentence possible.

What is the difference between a plea in mitigation as well as a letter of reduction?

A plea in reduction is a dental declaration given up court. A letter of reduction contains the exact same details in the kind of a written paper.

When should I send a letter of mitigation?

You need to send out a letter of mitigation for speeding up if you are mosting likely to ask a magistrates’ court to sentence you without your going to court personally.
A mitigation or a letter statement works for instances taken care of under the solitary justice procedure or matters with a full-court hearing where you do not require to participate in.

When should I avoid a letter of reduction?

If you don’t have anything valuable to claim that will certainly decrease the sentence.
If you are mosting likely to put forward exceptional hardship as a reason to stay clear of an incompetency from driving due to 12 or even more factors on your licence, you will certainly have to go to court face to face to give evidence.
You have to go to court if you are going to suggest that there were unique factors not to invalidate you or not to recommend your licence.
If you are mosting likely to plead innocent. A letter of mitigation is only valid after a guilty appeal or a conviction.
You do not need to create a letter of reduction if you are going to court in individual. In some cases people litigate with a letter of mitigation, and they commend the magistrates or the judge. While that can be a reliable method of presenting reduction, it does not constantly work as well as an oral presentation.

What are mitigating aspects?

There are 4 major areas of reduction in a speeding situation. Not every one of them use in every case.

Credit for a very early guilty plea
Previous good character and a good driving document
Reduction regarding the offence itself. If there was a real factor for speeding that does not create a support or an unique factor, it could be reduction.
Personal reduction. Can be the result that a penalty or driving incompetency will certainly have on the vehicle driver.

Can a Solicitor Write a Letter of Mitigation For Me?

Yes, a lawyer can write a letter of reduction for you. Many people prepare their letters completely well. A lawyer can assist you to recognize what ought to enter a letter, as well as extra significantly, what you should miss out. Lawyers additionally have experience in preparing files for court.

How to create a letter of mitigation for speeding
Exactly how to compose a letter of mitigation

Don’t begin until you comprehend the cost.

Inspecting the sentencing guidelines will certainly help you concentrate your letter on the best factors.

Minimizing the fine, lowering the length of incompetency, staying clear of incompetency or reducing the variety of charge points.

Create a big listing of all the mitigating factors in your case
Always consist of credit history for a guilty plea, regret as well as an excellent personality if they are relevant.

Get the list down to the four best factors

Compose you letter – Optimum one page

Step 0
Step zero is to put your pen down or shut your word processor. Do not write anything up until you know what you are doing. A letter of reduction has a specific work to do. It should not be your opportunity to claim what you desire concerning the case.

Action 1– Read the cost
Reading the cost is rule leading for any kind of litigation. See to it that you know what you are begging guilty to. Examine that you are managing a speeding fee (not falling short to provide motorist details or driving without due care as well as interest.).

For a speeding fee, you need to make a note of the speed mitigation as well as the speed that you were doing.

Step 2– Read the sentencing guidelines.
Prior to you know what to claim to the court, you require to know what sort of charge they are most likely to impose. The info will assist you when you choose what you are trying to attain.

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The optimal sentence for speeding is:.

A penalty of ₤ 1,000.00 (or ₤ 2,500.00 on a motorway); and also.
3-6 fine points or a disqualification from driving.
Magistrates make use of guidelines based on the speed restriction and the tape-recorded speed. The higher the rate; the extra penalty factors or, the most likely a driving restriction.

You can discover the existing sentencing guidelines at the Sentencing Council internet site.

Step 3– Decide what you are trying to achieve.
Do not place pen to paper until you understand what you are attempting to achieve. You ought to have a great concept since you have more information about the case.

In a speeding instance, there are only four points that you might want the court to do:.

Minimize the amount of the penalty.
Decrease the variety of charge factors.
Ask for penalty factors.
Lower the size of the disqualification.
There is no point trying to encourage the magistrates not to enforce factors or send you on a driver improvement program. Even if they wanted to, they could not.

Do not squander initiative asking the court not to send you to jail for speeding. They can not.

Decide what you are asking for. Courts have some flexibly to sentence outside their standards, but they tend not to.

Focus your initiatives in offering details that will aid the magistrates or the judge to make the decision that you want.


You may be asking for five points instead of 6 factors or a restriction if you were driving at 96 miles per hour in a 70 mph limit.
You might be asking for 6 points or as short a ban as possible if you were driving at 105 mph in a 70 mph restriction.
Tip 4– Write a huge list of all the mitigating factors in your case.
Now, it’s time to begin creating or typing. Don” t worry at this stage if there are some bad factors.

Think of 4 kinds of factors:

Early guilty appeal, admissions, collaboration with the police.
Remorse– include a short apology. Don’t exaggerate it. Something like “I apologise for speeding. I realise the danger that I may have caused, and also I have actually changed the way I drive.”.
Excellent driving record as well as good personality.
Variables that make the speeding less severe.
Individual mitigation and the effect that the fine will certainly have on you.
For most individuals, this is the best mitigation:.

Constantly include these things. Do not assume that the court will certainly understand.

Tip 5– Edit your listing.
Discard all of the negative reduction.
Now it’s time to cross out all the poor factors. If you are not sure regarding a specific factor, it is most likely a negative one. Get rid of it.

Get your list down to the 4 finest points.
The very best letters have four factors:.

Express genuine sorrow.
Request credit score for a guilty appeal.
One point concerning the offense itself, however just if there is a valid factor to make. Or else, leave it out.
A couple of facets of individual mitigation. Consist of ways that a driving incompetency will have on you.
Step 6– Write your letter.
The letter should be one page at the most.

You have a maximum of two sentences to make each of the 4 points that you require.

If you really feel certain sufficient in your creating abilities, you can consist of a referral to the sentencing standards. When an attorney creates a letter of mitigation, they would certainly include this area.

Modify the letter complying with all the principles.

Golden Rules for Letters of Mitigation.
Magistrates deal with whole lots of instances on the exact same day. If your letter is too long, the good points that you want to make will be shed.
Maintain to the point. You are offering the magistrates info to assist them sentence you. Do not give a lengthy summary of what happened and also do not offer your life story.
Have a solitary purpose. What one thing are you trying to accomplish? Write your letter with the purpose in mind.
Do not say dumb things. Don’t claim it if something is incorrect. Don’t claim that speeding is out of character if you have fine factors on your record already.
Never ever whine. Magistrates don’t wish to hear your opinions regarding speed video cameras or law enforcement agents chasing after actual bad guys such as robbers. Remarks like that will count versus you.