Posting your driving licence when accepting a fixed penalty for speeding

accepting fixed penalty speeding

Annually, scores of drivers get a criminal sentence from the magistrates’ court since they really did not send their driving licence off in the post. When you obtain a repaired penalty for speeding you should send in your driving permit (the plastic photo card). Even if you have actually paid the fine, the police will charge you with a criminal offence. The sentence at court is nearly always more than three points as well as ₤ 100.

The worst thing is that all of this is unneeded. An easy legislation change can address every little thing.

Sending in your permit
When a speed electronic camera catches a driver speeding, the authorities generally use a dealt with penalty for three factors and also ₤ 100. Some fortunate vehicle drivers can do a rate awareness program. Some unlucky vehicle drivers most likely to the magistrates’ court

To approve the repaired fine the chauffeur must pay the ₤ 100 as well as upload their plastic photocard driving licence in to be recommended.

What’s the problem?
Tons of people miss out on the little bit on the paperwork telling them to send in their licence. They gladly pay the fine yet never publish the photocard off to the address on the type.

The fine repayment goes through, it shows up on the financial institution statement and the driver enjoys reasoning that every little thing is done.

It isn’t. Since the police never ever received the permit the dealt with penalty is not refined. The vehicle driver did not meet the demands of the taken care of charge. In law, they did decline it.

Prosecution in the magistrates’ court.
When the authorities see that the repaired fine has actually not been refined, they begin a prosecution in the magistrates’ court.

The driver obtains a single justice treatment notification billing them with the criminal offence of speeding. The solitary justice procedure is a special procedure in the magistrates’ court that offers swiftly with less significant offences such as speeding.

Most chauffeurs are surprised that there is a court case. They assumed that they had managed the entire thing months ago.

Can the case go back for a dealt with fine?
No, it can not. The court procedure has started. The police will certainly not withdraw the fee. The magistrates’ have no power to release a dealt with penalty, just the authorities can do that.

The situation can only go on as a criminal charge.

What can a vehicle driver do?
For the majority of people the only option is to beg guilty.

Also if the driver tells the court that they have actually paid ₤ 100 currently, that is not a support to the charge. Pleading blameless will not help.

Obviously, it is possible that the vehicle driver may have another defence. They should plead not guilty and take the situation to test if they do.

What will occur at court?
The magistrate that deals with the case needs to follow the magistrates’ courts punishing guidelines. That often means more than three points and more than ₤ 100.

These are the sentencing standards:

Speed Limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph).
Sentencing Range / Band A fine / Band B fine / Band C fine.

3 points Disqualify 7-28 days OR 4-6 points Disqualify 7-56 days OR 6 points.

The court add:

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A target additional charge of 10% of the penalty (minimum ₤ 30) and.
Prosecution prices (usually about ₤ 85).

Exactly how about three points as well as ₤100?
In some cases a magistrate takes sympathy with a chauffeur who didn’t recognize that they needed to send out in their licence. When this happens, they can sentence to 3 points, ₤ 70 penalty, ₤ 30 target additional charge as well as no prosecution prices. The matching of a repaired fine.

Courts don’t frequently do this. Magistrates’ guidelines claim that they ought to impose the equivalent of a taken care of charge only when the dealt with penalty must have been used but it had not been. Where the authorities supply a fixed fine as well as the vehicle drivers does not accept it with their very own fault, the sentence should not be a taken care of penalty equivalent.

Regrettably, not sending your licence in is the mistake of the driver; not the authorities.

If the magistrate will certainly offer you a taken care of charge equivalent, it is always worth asking. The worst that they can say is no.

What happens to the ₤ 100?
The initial ₤100 obtains sent back to the checking account or card that it was paid from.

If you do not publish in your driving licence, effects.
Prosecution for speeding in the magistrates’ court.
More than three fine factors in some cases. If the rate puts the instance in a greater sentencing category the motorist may obtain 4-6 factors and even a driving disqualification.
Payment of more than ₤ 100. Complete fine, prices and also victim surcharge are almost constantly greater than the original fixed fine amount.
A criminal sentence. Sentences can be a catastrophe for some people. They can impact immigration insurance claims as well as work applications.
Why all of this is not necessary.
The law transformed in 2015. The paper driving permit equivalent was abolished. DVLA visited an entirely electronic system for keeping fine factors. Prior to 2015 it made sense to post the driving permit in for recommendation. Courts physically wrote or printed the points on the counterpart.

There is no demand to have the physical permit anymore. Licence details are inspected digitally with the chauffeur number. Courts just send them right back to the driver after they enter the repaired penalty points by computer.

When drivers go to court, also for more severe cases, they no much longer require to take their licence with them.

The police do not want the licences, the courts don’t want the motorists as well as licences don’t desire to send their permits off by article. The police and the courts have no power to transform things.

Can’t we alter the legislation?
Yes, it would be easy. A new law has actually already been created. You can see it on Parliament’s web site. It has got stuck. On 12/5/2017 the house of Commons provided it and also sent it on to the House of Lords. We had a General Election as well as the bill fell by the wayside.

Write to your MP if you desire it back. It would save hundreds of individuals from getting a criminal conviction for no great reason. It may even conserve some cash also.