What is a Single Justice Procedure Notice?

Single Justice Procedure Notice

Since 13th April 2015, Single Justice Procedure Notices have actually been issued to drivers charged with summary-only non-imprisonable offences such as speeding or failing to quit and/or report a mishap.

The notification details of the offence, the choice to submit your appeal, and also the effects of falling short to respond. The notification ought to consist of some evidence from the prosecution, which they will rely upon to prove their instance.

The written charge and also the Single Justice Procedure Notice has to be released ‘at the same time’ and within 6 months of the offence. The day of the offence is omitted from calculating the 6 month duration.

The Single Justice Procedure permits cases to be handled by a single magistrate ‘on the papers’, suggesting they will just look at the created cost, the notice itself as well as any kind of reduction submitted to the court when the notice is returned in a guilty plea is connected. Neither the prosecution neither any kind of protection advocates are called for to attend court for the issue to be managed by this procedure although there are exceptions to this detailed below.

When returning the notification to the court, you have the ability to send your appeal:

Guilty (I do not wish ahead to court)– you approve that you have actually devoted the offence as well as agree to accept the charges imposed by message.
Guilty (I desire to go to court)– whilst you accept that you have actually devoted the offence, you wish for the issue to be heard at a court hearing where you can go to as well as provide your reduction to the court.
Blameless– you want to dispute the accusations versus you, and demand a test date to be set to provide your defence.

Can I be disqualified without going to court?

In motoring cases, where disqualification may be an alternative the court will certainly consider as a fine in your case, the court would certainly provide a summons for you to attend court. A solitary magistrate can not enforce a duration of incompetency ‘on the documents’.

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Recent modifications nevertheless, suggest that you might currently receive a notice of recommended disqualification. This may be received where you beg guilty or fail to react to the notification. The magistrate might believe you ought to be invalidated, often since you might be a “totter” where you will be accumulating 12 or more points within a 3 year duration, or the offence committed is serious enough to warrant incompetency.

Upon invoice of a notice of recommended disqualification, you have a number of alternatives available to you:

Overlook the notice– this would certainly enable the court to disqualify you without the requirement to go to court; or
Respond as well as ask for a complete hearing– an incompetency might not be the only alternative available to the court. We always advise that you ask the court for a complete hearing for the very best opportunity of having any impact on the court’s decision. In our experience, composed representations merely do not have the exact same influence as a skilled and also proficient supporter providing the arguments personally.

Totting Up Ban– if you generate 12 factors within a 3 year period, the court will certainly want to impose a minimum 6 month restriction. We can aid in these situations by offering ‘extraordinary challenge’ arguments which centre around the impact such a ban will have on you as well as those linked to you (generally family/colleagues).

Serious offences– Some offences carry an option for the court to either enforce penalty points or a discretionary duration of incompetency. Depending on your conditions as well as whether you want to intend for a ban or charge factors being enforced, we can encourage you on your situation and present the best case to the court as necessary.